Thanksgiving with Family

My family came up to visit for Thanksgiving this year, and we had a pretty awesome time. Since our house is small, we were all quite cozy, but I think everyone had enough room.

We all got to spend lots of time loving on my nephew, Allen. He’s a good baby in the first place, but in an absolutely adorable stage right now. He did so well with living in a different place for several days, and put up with all the different people fawning over him. He’s just barely starting to walk without assistance, and spent most of the last evening here walking from one person to another. First getting little bites of leftover thanksgiving dinner, then just getting picked up and cuddled…then squirming to move to the next person.

Celia very much liked being the ‘big cousin’ (though she was getting a little jealous and hanging on me by last night). She found a few leftover baby toys and had a great time showing ‘Baby Allen’ how he was supposed to play with them.

Jordan liked playing with the baby as well….but I think he liked having more ‘big kids’ to play with more. Chris was off work for the visit, so he, Jordan, and my brother played wii and airsoft…and generally did ‘guy’ stuff.

I was thoroughly spoiled by my houseguests. They insisted on cleaning up the kitchen after I cooked each evening! (Nothing says love like a clean kitchen!). Mom helped me with all the baking and Craig and Theresa peeled, chopped, and mashed 10 lbs of potatoes! I absolutely adore mashed potatoes…but hate all the work that goes into them.

My brother even helped with making one of my Christmas dreams come true: putting my lighted reindeer on the roof!

They are mismatched in the daytime, but look great at night!

Celia and my mom did lots of crafts together, including spray painting and glittering up some pine cones I’ve been saving:

And we ALL ate ourselves silly. Me especially. Too stuffed to move!

We’ll be traveling down to visit after Christmas, and can’t wait for that.

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One thought on “Thanksgiving with Family

  1. We had a great time and look forward to seeing you down here soon.

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