I have to wonder….

Sometimes…I really have to wonder what Chris is thinking.

We’re pretty different, and I think both of this realize this as time goes on.  We listened to an audiobook version of the 5 Love Languages while driving home from vacation….and it gave us some interesting piece to the why we are different puzzle.  A little insight to why he thinks the way he does about some things (and hopefully, he understands why I think the way I do about some things).

There are still things that baffle me though.

First…his weird obsession with changing television providers on a yearly basis to save money.  He’s not in to cutting corners in many other places….but once a year he gets this fixation and changes things around.

Whatever.  I don’t really care about the tv….I don’t really watch it much.  So I’m content (though puzzled) to let him do whatever with it.

As of this week, we have Direct TV.


Today I had to work, and it was his day off.  Celia doesn’t have preschool on Friday either, so they were at home together.

I called in the afternoon to make sure they would be picking Jordan up since I could not, and Chris informed me that they had a ‘surprise’ for me.  That he and Celia had been working on a ‘project’ all day.

This is not the first ‘surprise’ or ‘project’ I’ve been teased with.  So I tried really really hard not to formulate ideas (expectations).  But……I did anyway.

*gasp*  Did he gather up every bit of laundry in the house and get it clean and put away??  That would be pretty amazing.

Maybe they finished winterizing the yard for me!

Paint.  What if they painted??  They both know I’ve been painting upstairs.  Part of me would love it if they painted for me……if they did it *just* the way I wanted….but since I hadn’t left instructions….the rest of me was hoping they had NOT painted.

I worked for a few more hours with these ideas of what might have been done in my head…then Chris sent a video of the project.

A video of him, and Celia, on the porch roof.

With an 11 foot long antennae.  So that we could get local channels.

A really big antennae. On the roof.  And my baby.  On the ROOF.

I’m glad he send the video.  That way I could get my freaking out done at work.

Mostly about the child on the roof.  It’s not like she could ever get out there on her own, he was with her, it’s almost flat….and she was sitting on her bottom very close to the house.  Very far from danger.

The antennae itself?  Eh.  I really don’t care about it one way or another.  I mean, I haven’t stood outside and looked at it yet.  But I know those local channels mean a lot to him (and not just to have them to watch, just the very principle of having them) so I’m not going to make this bohemoth silver lightnening attractor my hill to die on.

I really hope it’s grounded though.

He also cleaned up the living room and kitchen enough to make me content for the evening.

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