What is he DOING?

I can not fathom why it takes my kid so long to get out of the house in the morning.

This morning, Chris went and got him out of bed at 6:15.  He actually got up and got in the shower (win).

I didn’t know this and went up to get him at 6:23.  Surprisingly, he was already out of the shower!  I warned him that we needed to leave at 6:50 because the car needed gas (we usually don’t leave until 7:00) and went to get in the shower myself.

When I got out of the shower, he still hadn’t had breakfast.  Now, I didn’t take a really speedy shower.  I had to wash and condition my hair…plus…it was cold this morning and the water was nice and hot.  So in the time it took me to do all that in the shower, put on lotion and contacts, then get dressed….Jordan managed to….what?  Walk down the stairs.

At which point he asks if it’s okay to have 6 pancakes for breakfast.

I told him “Only if you can eat them all AND be ready to go in 10 MINUTES.

20 minutes later, he still has 3 pancakes on his plate, and I force him out the door.


On the bright side, we had parent teacher conference last night and it’s the end of the first term.  He has all As and Bs!  Woot!

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2 thoughts on “What is he DOING?

  1. It is like the “Secret Life of Kids” or something. What are they doing? It’s a mystery.

  2. Yeah on the grades…It won’t help to get him up earlier…don’t know what he is doing but I do the same thing…

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