We had a busy day today getting last minute things ready, but I think everyone had a good time!  I love Halloween being on a Saturday.  Much more relaxed and not as rushed.

We did have two more pumpkins to carve.  Went MUCH quicker without the kids.  Except one of the pumpkins smelled SO bad when I open it up!  Blarg.  I don’t know what was wrong with the guts of that pumpkin, but it about killed me until I got them out.  After that…it was fine.

So here is our completed trio of pumpkins…see if you can figure it out…..

Two piggies, mocking the barfer……

Get it?? It’s SWINE FLU!!!! (yes, i know vomiting isn’t the main symptom of a respiratory flu….but some people puke when they have it. besides, we couldn’t put out beer bottles like the original ‘puking pumpkin’ had…that’s just not us)

Then we had some baked zombie hand for dinner….

I don’t think the photo does it justice. It was a meatloaf work of art. With cheesy mashed potatoes. I didn’t even get to eat the thing because I had to run and get ready.

We also got our ghostie garland outside, some tombstones made, and our Pumpking King Jack in the yard.

Chris set up some speakers in the window to play the Halloween mix he made (mostly a mixture of the movie score to Nightmare Before Christmas and Carmina Burana). Then we got dressed and ready to go. I didn’t get a single photo of Jordan in his Jack Skellington outfit (I’m going to make him put it back on for pictures) but here are Celia and I all dressed up.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Peaches on said:

    Ok, those “swine flu” pumpkins were hilarious!

  2. Love! Particularly the zombie head meatloaf. That is a work of art!

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