Halloween or…..

I have a title that says exactly what I’m thinking.

But I was worried if I posted it all up at the top like that, people might see it that didn’t want/need to and get all offended.

I usually keep things pretty pg rated around here, so if you’re easily shocked or offended, leave now.



Halloween or Whore-oween?


We usually make most of our costumes from what’s around the house (that IS the point of halloween, right?) but we needed a few ready made accessories this year.  So we set out for a local Halloween store.

Now, we have one really good Halloween store, and I knew they would have what I was looking for, but it tends to be a little too scary for Celia.  So I thought I’d try another place that I’d heard about.

There were more butts and boobs on display in that store than a strip club!!

Not real ones, costume ones.  I guess that’s what everyone is dressed up as this year.  A butt, a boob (or a even more embarassing body part) or a Sexy ____________.  Fill in the blank with any word, especially one that might be normally NOT a sexy thing, and there’s a costume for it in this store.

Both of the kids were WAY grossed out.  We got out of there in a hurry.  And went to the ‘good’ Halloween store.

It also has it’s collection of Sexy _______ costumes, but mostly they have the normal Halloween stuff.  There are also a few butts and boobs, appropriately displayed far out of the eye level of little kids.

Celia was scared.  She kept her eyes closed the whole time we were in there.  But we got what we needed to at least!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween or…..

  1. Peaches on said:

    It’s the truth. And I hate it. Since when does Dorothy or Snow White have to be sexy? Don’t get me started on how short the skirts have gotten for grade school kids costumes. My daughter wanted to be Hermione this year, but the best thing they had was a “charm school witch”. We bought it, along with a shirt to wear underneath as my child doesn’t need to show her stomach.

  2. Reason #748 we don’t bother with Halloween anymore. I’d rather see Christmas decorations start coming out in June than deal with the smut they put out in the form of Halloween.

  3. Adrienne on said:

    Totally agree. I noticed it last year too. I wouldn’t go out in public with a short-short skirt and thigh high stockings, why on earth would I put them on my young daughter??? It’s sick..who ARE these people???

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