So….I’ve spent the past two and a half weeks in some pretty moderate pain.  Not that I can have any kind of normal injury, so I’ve kept this one pretty much to myself….but the deal is…

…I went ice skating with the kids and broke my butt.

There, I said it. Have a laugh.  But I’ll say this now….it HURTS.

Honestly, Celia broke me.  Don’t tell her that though.  You wouldn’t think that such a little thing could kick her feet wildly in take down a competant adult….but oh did she ever.

The only good thing about landing on ice it that it immediately started icing the injury.  I’m pretty sure that I broke my tailbone…but I didn’t exactly go to the doctor.  I thought about it during a few of the really bad days….but I’m not a fan of painkillers.  They scare me.  So if Motrin can’t cut it, I just tough it out.

Which is exactly what I did.  For two and a half weeks.

Not that the pain is gone now.  I still have to be very very careful doing….well…everything.

But I no longer have to waddle like an old woman…and I can walk at a decent pace again.

The one thing I’ve come away from this all with….is thinking about several of my friends that have constant pain.  Through one disease or another, several of them live with a daily pain that trumps what I went through for just a few short weeks in many ways.  And I don’t know how they do it.

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One thought on “Pain

  1. sorry you broke your butt…hehehe

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