Necessity is the mother of invention…

I’ve been having this ongoing fight with our bed.  It’s been going on for weeks, but I think I’ve finally bestest the thing.

Right after I had Celia, I started having some back problems.  The mattress we had seemed to be making it worse, so we needed to find a new solution.

This mattress is the one that Chris and I first bought, years and years ago.  When we were broke as can be and sleeping on our twin beds pushed together.  Tax return time was coming around…so we gave ourselves the best ‘grown up’ gift that we could thing of.  A real bed.

A real cheap bed!  The kind that the salesman says ‘Well….it would be okay in a guest room…you know, not an every night sleeper kind of thing..”

And we looked at the price tag and said, ‘We’ll take it!’

So after Celia came along and I realized I was getting old and needed something nicer, we went shopping again. And realized that a new mattress was not in the price range.  So then we went to Sams Club and got this very fancy space foam thingy….and it did the trick.

Until lately…it started doing it’s own thing under the sheets.  Sliding….always to one side.  Chris’s side.  I’m not sure if we do some weird synchonized sleeping thing and always roll the same way or something, but by morning I was always left with a foot of unsleepable mattress on my side.

So in a fit of uncomfortable rage, I ripped the blankets and sheets of the bed and threw the thing in the corner.  Then kicked it a few times.

Then I put fresh sheets on and prepared to settle down to a night of comfort……..

…and I could feel every single spring of that cheap mattress poking me on every part of my body.

I thought maybe my princess and the pea syndrome might fade if I gave it time…but it did not.

So I got online and started pricing mattresses again and realized that they are still not something that we’re going to just run out and buy.

I looked at the space foam thing.  Pondered.  Walked away.  Thought some more.

Took the sheets off the bed, wrestled the thing back up there.  Went and got some fabric scraps, a need and thread…and got to work.

I stitched this big corner straps onto the corners of the thing….and I think it did the trick. Three days in and it’s staying put pretty well.  So we’ll see….

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