The start of pumpkin fun…

We got five nice pumpkins out of our garden this year…and it’s close enough to halloween to carve them up, so we got started tonight!

There is a fabulous master plan at work here, which I will not reveal yet.  But it’s good.  Very good.

Jordan and I are doing the house (and ourselves) in a Nightmare Before Christmas thing this year, so he went with Jack Skelton for his pumpkin.  He did everything but the mouth all by himself….and did a great job I think!

It needs a brighter candle.

Celia had a lot of trouble deciding on one. She wanted these horribly intricate designs….and mommy is no artist. After chalking several on to her pumpkin and getting the negative head shake from her, I talked her into something a little more simple….but definitely Celia!

It’s making her favorite Halloween face!

We have another….but I’m afraid it will give away the scheme if I post it. So we’ll wait on him until the rest of the pumpkins get done!

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One thought on “The start of pumpkin fun…

  1. Love the pumpkins! You should be so proud to have grown such a nice garden. I’m jealous! Jordan and Celia did a great job carving…Happy Halloween! The Super Freak

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