I have had enough of picky kids!

Jordan has always been the picky one…though it’s gotten rather extreme lately.  Celia is picking it up now too.

I made chicken dumping soup for dinner tonight.  From scratch.  I’m talking simmer the chicken carcass for 24 hours, pick through the meat by HAND to be sure no ‘icky bits’ make it to the soup.  Chop veggies into teeny tiny bits so they might go unnoticed.  Get out the flour and rolling pin for the perfect dumplings.  I don’t think many kids can say they get that kind of dinner anymore.  And mine don’t want it.  Don’t like it.

Who ate it?  Me, the dog, and the chickens (that’s right, I gave them some chicken soup.  just the veggies though.  it’s still a bit weird….)

Chris decided last night that he was going on a no sugar, no flour diet.  After I’d made the meal plans for the next two weeks.  So I carefully scooped him out soup with lots of chicken and veggies, but no dumplings.

Celia discovered there were small bits of celery in her soup.  And she doesn’t like celery.  YOU CAN’T TASTE CELERY.  I don’t like celery either….but when it’s cooked in the soup it tastes like chicken soup.  Nothing else.

Jordan doesn’t like cooked carrots.  Or soup apparently, as he didn’t even eat around them.

So I scooped out some of the veggies and broth for the chickens, and gave the dog the rest (we’re out of dog food, so he was thrilled).

And I ate my bowl.  It was good.  IT WAS GOOD SOUP PEOPLE!

I’m about to pull my hair out with Jordan.  I can’t get the kid to eat one healthy thing at all.

It stared with his ADD meds.  He can’t swallow the pills.  Doesn’t like to drink water with it sprinkled on top as he did last year.  Must have yogurt WITH sprinkles.

I’m dubious that this method of delivery even works.  While we were out of meds last week, I tried a little ‘coffee experiment’.  On a saturday morning, I gave him an iced mocha latte.  With whipped cream. He barely took a sip and pronounced it ‘ewwww’.

He also doesn’t eat lunch when he’s on his meds.  Has absolutely no appetite until after school.  He will drink chocolate milk though.  So I went and got some of those Ensure meal replacement drinks.  Same deal.  One sip and ‘ewwww’.  It’s chocolate freaking milk!!!  Celia swiped one and loved it.  She doesn’t exactly need the extra calories (not that she’s even close to chubby, just that she eats all day.  she’s getting plenty of calories…i just struggle to make them the right kind of calories with her!)

I just keep telling myself that it would be bad to let them all live on pizza.  Definitely less work…and less mess in the kitchen.  But bad….

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One thought on “Ungrateful!

  1. Oh my… I think I just got a preview into my future. Will is the same way already! So far it’s all about texture. He doesn’t like anything mushy, which even included baby food when he was only allowed to eat that. No ice cream (I’m cool with this one), yogurt, applesauce, soup, mashed potatoes, etc.

    Keep at it, mom! You’re doing a great job!

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