Faith is a hard thing.  I mean, it’s a hard thing for adults to grasp.  I’m not sure if it’s harder for kids to understand…because it’s so hard to explain….or if it’s easier because they are just so accepting of information.  Faith like a child and all.

It’s also kinda a funny thing in kids.  You have to wonder what’s going on in their little heads sometimes…how they make the connections they do.

Last week we had a minor chicken incident.  It was no big deal…but the first time we’ve had to deal with an injury, so we were a little nervous.

Celia and I were the only ones home when I went out to get eggs and let the girls out to free range a little bit.  It was obvious by the condition of one of the eggs that someone had a hard time laying that morning.

It can be a serious thing…if the chicken gets infected, can not lay subsequent eggs….or gets pecked by the other hens.  Ours have always been very loving to us and each other…but we didn’t want to take any chances.  A hen with an injury is just asking to be pecked.

So I checked bums, found the lady with the boo boo, and got things ready for a little doctoring.  Celia helped me set up the bathroom, but she ‘didn’t wanna see da bwood’ so she left while I went out and brought Brunella in.

I gave her a little chickie sitz bath, but some antibiotic cream on her, and set her on her way.  Celia was happy to see a normal looking chicken and shared with me her little revalation….

“Momma!  While you were helping Brunella, I asked Jesus to touch her butt and heal it and HE DID!!”

She is now sharing with anyone that will listen that Jesus has been touching her chicken’s butt.  That he healed it.

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One thought on “Healer

  1. Jesus touching her chickens but is so funny. Makes you wonder if maybe adults should ask for simple things too.


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