Mommy likes a quiet bath.

Celia does not.

Most of the time when I take a bath, I don’t mind it if she joins me.  It’s not all that often…and soon she’ll be just too old to want to share a bath with mommy.

But there are a few times when I want the bath to myself.  After said child managed to swoop me off my feet on the ice is one of them.  So we argued the entire bath about whether she could come in, WHY I liked the water so hot, and was I SURE that I didn’t need toys?  Just one toy maybe…..or bubbles???

No.  All my broken butt wanted was to sit in the hot hot water.  I’m pretty sure I’m not exaggerating by the ‘broken’ statement.  No, I didn’t go to the doctor, because much like a broken toe….they don’t do anything for a broken tailbone.

I am glad we did the ice skating thing though.  The kids had the day off of school and the rink opened up a session for them, so we went.  It took about 45 minutes to convince Celia to come out on the ice…then she loved it.  Even that one time she panicked and kicked mommy’s legs out from under her. Mostly because she had enough padding on to soften any fall.

Jordan disappeared to ‘skate’ with friends the moment we got there.  For a kid that is pretty good at just about anything, he’s surprisingly bad at ice skating.  So were a lot of the kids there though, and he had  great time sliding around with his friends. ‘Hold still so I can take a picture’ doesn’t go over well with middle school kids though. This is all I’ve got!

Celia really loved watching the zamboni resurface the ice. Chris liked it almost as much because it was being run by one of his friends…a guy that usually runs the theater.

While I really wanted to just lay on the ice and cry….I had the good sense to not embarass my older kid in such a way. Plus…I really wanted Celia to keep skating and for the most part, Chris was not in to helping her out. I think maybe he was afraid she’d take him out too! I did make him take her so I could get a few pictures though!

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