In more of the spirit of ‘decorating’ for Halloween, Celia and I made a Ghostie Garland.  This is my favorite craft yet….because it cost nothing.  It’s just old white shopping bags, cut into squares, tied around a crumpled bit of paper, with faces drawn on.  She really liked making all of her SCARY ghost faces.

We have two strands of them, each about eight feet long. They’ll get hung outside once this wretched weather we’ve been having clears up.

We’ve got your stereotypical ‘Oooooooo’ ghost

The less common ‘constipated ghost’

And my personal favorite…oxymoron ghost (aka dead ghost)

Now just to get some ideas from Jordan. So far, all the decorating has been in Celia’s hands. But Jordan is the one staying home and giving out candy this year…so he really gets to design the cool stuff. He just has to let me know what that is…and soon. And I need to start on costumes. Celia will be a queen. Jordan… yet to be determined.

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One thought on “Ghosties

  1. Those look like fun – easy decoration to make. Great idea!

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