Paw Paw

Never again will I laugh or roll my eyes at the thought of a ‘Paw Paw’ festival.

Okay, yes, the name is pretty ridiculous.

But the fruit is really really good!  It’s kind of a cross between a banana and a mango in flavor, but very creamy and smooth.  Unfortunately, it’s got almost NO shelf life, so it has to be picked and eaten (or processed) right away…..which means it’s not really a commercial fruit.

A friend brought some into so.zo this week to put in a smoothie, and he let us all try it.  He also is going to try and bring me a few trees (they are pretty delicate, so if he brings a few, I might get two to live).  I’m not sure where I’m going to put them yet….but it will be fun trying to make them grow!

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