Celia’s First Sleepover!

My big girl went to her first real sleepover!

Chris and I were much more worried about it than she was.  At the first mention of a possibility of sleeping at a friend’s house, she had sleeping bag in hand and shoes on.  She’d been preparing all year for this.  The Blue’s Clues sleeping bag (left over from when Jordan was into Blue) has been out all year, for many practice sessions with the dolls.

There were five little girls total.  They made pizzas, got their nails done, and watched a movie.  They all laid down in the same room…and Celia was the last one up!  The mom said she went to check, and all the little girls were asleep except Celia…who was laying there with a big grin….happy about being the last holdout I’m sure.  She wasn’t up for long after that.

Yeah, we totally had to stop back and check before heading home for the evening, so we got all the details.

The next morning they had their pancake breakfast, and that was it!

She’s ready to have one every night.  Me, not so much.  I’m still struggling with me little girl growing up.  She’s been my little shadow for the past four years, and now she’s……not.

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