A day of pampering.

To most women this would mean soaking in a hot tub, going to the spa, getting their nails or hair done.

Not to these girls.

To them, rolling around in dirty holes in the hot sun with some fresh leaves nearby to munch is just the most heavenly things imaginable.

If watching them flip dirt onto themselves, each other, and the area around them isn’t funny enough, the cloud of dust the produce when they shake off afterward must be!

Not sure WHY Stella decided my ring looked like a tasty morsel partway through the video. She tried to eat the diamond out of it twice! She’s got a thing for painted toenails too…the crazy chick.

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One thought on “A day of pampering.

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    They are so TAME!! It’s amazing! That was really cute Rebecca!!! Too funny how she tried to eat your ring!

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