Journaling this vacation out of order, since I need to get photos from other cameras…since mine seems to randomly delete them.

Hurricane Bill is out in the Atlantic (thankfully far out) but is causing some huge waves and weird weather here on the coast. This morning at high tide, the surf was at the bottom of the dunes. The wind was pushing air in off the ocean that was….cold….creating a weird mist everywhere.

We went down this afternoon at low tide. There was still the push of cold air. It was so odd to be hot and sultry on one side of the dune, then to walk over to the ocean and be chilled. We went down thinking there might be good shells on the beach, having been stirred up and pushed in during high tide.

Nothing. Well, little bits of shells, and jellies. Moon jellies, thousands of them.

They are pretty harmless once they’ve been washed up. All their tentacles have been knocked off and many of them are crushed…so it’s highly unlikely that one would get stung by one. Even if you do…it’s a really mild sting. So the kids that were out were picking them up, collecting them, tossing them, just having a grand time. Celia joined in the fun and started collecting them as prized possessions. She was not happy when I told her we couldn’t take them home.

The waves were still enormous. Not even ambitious surfers were out there. Even at low tide, every once in awhile, there would come a monster waves that would wash all the way up on the beach. It’s amazing how the storm just wiped the beach clean. Leveled any dips and sandbars that had formed into a flat plain.

Chris, Liz, and Chet had to walk in and feel the power of the waves. Even at knee deep (during a wave) it almost knocked them down.

With the mist and the huge flat, wet plain….it doesn’t even look like the Outer Banks. Beautiful still, but eerie.

It was SO beautiful (and Celia was having such a fun time collecting jellies and piling up the wet sand) we decided to get chairs, books, and hang out for awhile. Not five minutes after we’d all gotten settled, I got cold and came back to the house for a long sleeve shirt.

As I came over the top of the dune, I noticed that the sky over the sound was just BLACK. Dark, heavy clouds hanging over. By the time I ran back down and we got things gathered up, the clouds were coming over the dune. We barely made it in before the downpour.

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. Beautiful photos! The excitement created by a hurricane like Bill makes it feel like a holiday here on the OBX – husband and sons surfing until they are exhauset, the sound of the waves crashing can be heard from my window and the smell of the salt air. Favorite time of year!

  2. They are amazing as long as they are far, far, FAR away from land. I remember when we evacuated for Katrina and Rita was acrossing the gulf. We were in FL and watched the Gulf churn up. The beach was completely gone, so we had to stay on the hotel deck. We had that weird mist, too. No, jellies, though.

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