We’ve spent so much time in the water the first few days here at the beach that it’s a wonder we haven’t all grown gills and fins!

Celia is still not too sure about her swimming skills and plays it extra safe.  Note the three different floatation devices she’s wearing.

Jordan has no such constraints. After a rash of riptide drownings….we’ve decided to have him wear a life jacket when he’s boogie boarding in the ocean. He complains about it a little, but he’s right in that age that he’s too dangerous for his own good. In the pool though, he’s pretty safe.

Celia has learned to boogie board this year too. She’s so cute. I hate that I don’t have enough photos yet. I’m either in the ocean, boarding with Jordan, or in the ocean, helping her get started. I am on here though (even if never in the photos). See, here I am:

Other fun things….Chet has kites, and the kids love to watch those.

And of course, the frisbee. Liz has jokingly been renamed ‘Tube Top Tobrey’ in honor of her favorite style.

The kids have enjoyed playing in the sand together

Bennie just likes laying in the shade….but does NOT like being left behind in the house. He doesn’t want to swim, doesn’t want to play…..just wants to come along. He’s like an old man, trapped in a furry little dog body!

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