Chris, Jordan, and I went on a kayaking adventure today.

The one I *really* wanted to go on was this three hour trek that starts in a private wild mustang reserve.  Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Having taken an overly ambitious kayaking adventure a few years ago (which ended with me in almost tears of pain trying to row back, too embarrassed to ask the burly guide to tow me…and unable to fix my hair for days because of the immense pain it took to raise my arms about should level) we knew better.  Also, it cost $75 per person…which is a tad spendy, even for that.

I looked around and found a much more thrifty one, only two hours.

Turns out, it was the perfect one for us.  Jordan was beat after about three seconds of rowing….and I learned it’s much harder to row a tandem kayak by yourself.  They are a lot bulkier.  In his three second spurts of rowing, he managed to soak me from the waist down, and flip large chunks of seaweed onto my legs.

Luckily, I wore a swim skirt, so it was no big deal.

So there’s a lesson for you.  If you take your kid on a boat, put them in back.  I thought it would be nice to put him in front, make him feel like he was in control and stuff.  Only….he had an uneven stroke that was impossible to match…and I got really wet.

It was still fun though.  Chris got his own boat (I really thought I’d NEED Jordan in mine to help row my fat tush around) and had an easier time.  Almost flipped himself once though!

Our guide/owner of the tour company was a nice young woman named Hadley. Pretty awesome to own all that at her age….and do so well at it. She was very nice, polite, and helpful to everyone in the group. She also shared lots of neat island history stuff, which is right up my alley!

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