Thus far, here has been my day:

7:30 Can I have a brownie?  Nrrrrmph.  Breakfast.

7:45 I ate my breakfast.  Can I have a brownie??   No.   No brownies until after lunch.

7:50  Can I have a brownie?  (Chris brought home a flat of leftover brownies last night)

8:00 Oooh, a new egg!  can I have a brownie?

8:15  I ate some egg.  Can I have a brownie?  No, after LUNCH.

12:05 Did I eat enough lunch for a brownie?  YES, GO EAT THE EVERLOVING BROWNIE.

12:10 Can I have another brownie??

Repeat every 10-12 minute for remainer of the day

4:15  I begin madly devouring brownies, hidden from the children.  The faster I eat, the fewer times I’ll have to hear that question.  Plus, I heard chocolate might act as an endorphin and maybe I’ll get such a chocolate high that I won’t be able to hear the.  Maybe.

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One thought on “Brownies.

  1. LOL…that’s the best way to get them out of the house!

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