The First Egg

I went out to check on the girls this morning and FINALLY got surprised be the presense of an egg.  Our very first egg!

Unfortunately, it was broken by the time I got there. The first eggs are usually kind of funky. Thin shelled, odd shaped, sometimes even empty. This one did have a really thin shell, and I think it got stepped on, so, that’s that. It also has a funny little bump on the top. Such a pretty color though!

Now for the challenging part. Getting them to lay their eggs in the nest.

They do have a few new toys for the coop. I bought them some treat holders from the bird section of the pet store. They LOVE them. This is the favorite. It’s just a wire ball with a bell on it. They like to ring the bell even when it’s empty.

I stuck a plum in there the other day though, and they really appreciated that!

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