Hello lover!

On our second trip to Atlanta this month (unfortuntely, for a funeral) we went to someone’s house who owned this awesome massage chair.  Like, this feels like a real massage but I’m not paying for it chair. I made good and sure that Chris knew I loved it and wanted one….for Christmas.

He’s not good at waiting though, and bought it right away.  I’ve really really enjoyed it….and haven’t even ‘needed’ it yet.  But he says it helps his back….it usually hurts after he’s on sound for a weekend, because it’s 8 hours standing on concrete.

We’ve been on a real shopping spree lately. Part of me feels really bad for spending money….but the rational part just keeps saying how it’s okay. I mean, I do this twice a year. End of summer and right after Christmas. My two times to indulge.

So here’s my other big indulgence.

No, not the big banana. I could live without that thing. Jordan won it at Kennywood and brought it home. *sigh* How do I get rid of it??

The awesome cubey shelf from IKEA (not surprised). It will be even more awesome when I sink it into the wall. I love that the cubes are big enough to hold even the big toys (like the drum). It’s enough storage for every toy in the family room…and I could always remove those pink cushions for more storage later (I just thought they looked neat there). I moved Celia’s books into the two empty cubes and still have drawers that stuff can go in.

In addition to that, Chris basically got a whole new wardrobe at the outlet mall….and I got three huge bags of stuff for me from Old Navy’s clearance. (Not to mention my new porch furniture from a few weeks ago…still working on a pic of it)

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