Another Visitor.

The other night, while laying in bed reading (because that’s what I do at night now, no sleeping!) I heard a purring/chattering noise from outside and thought “Gee, that sounds like a raccoon.”

Then I thought no more of it.

The next day, Chris was in the jungle (as requested by a neighbor…at least I didn’t have to nag, you know?) spraying poison ivy.

Then he came RUNNING in the house, screaming that he just about had a heart attack.  Apparently that raccoon I thought I heard had taken up residence in once of our garbage cans.   He must have been sleeping or something because he didn’t make any noise until Chris was leaning OVER the can to spray a stubborn patch of ivy….then the raccoon began screaming at him.

Yeah, I’d have freaked out too.

Lucky for us, he was just a little one, and easy to let out.

PLUS….Chris has decided to clean up our trash area (ya think it needs it??  ewwww), get a new fancy garbage can with an attached lid….and is considering my shady walkway retreat to avoid having to mow or treat that area next year.

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One thought on “Another Visitor.

  1. I’m surprised he only screamed. The UNEXPECTED has a tendency to mess up underwear as well ~:o)

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