Cool Springs

After leaving Blackwater Falls, everyone was in the mood for ice cream.

Chris also decided he wanted to drive home on Rt 50, instead of the new way we came (I knew he was wrong…but I do love road trips.  Never take the same way twice!)

Talking over the ice cream problem….I was telling Chris that there USED to be a place that sold ice cream on Rt 50….but it’s been almost 15 years since I was there….so who knows if it was still even around.

He wanted to know what it was….a restaurant…a store….what?

Well…it’s……it’s a…’s just Cool Springs.  Not really explainable.

It was still there.  Just like it was 15 years ago….and probably not much different than 15 years before that.  A combination grocery/feed store/hunting shop/garden center/diner/ice cream parlor/petting zoo/tractor graveyard.  Something that really….you have to see to believe.

Celia loved the cow on the roof.  And all the stuffed (used to be alive) animals inside.


There’s an old water wheel. We were debating whether it was actually working or if they snuck a motor on it for looks. There is something interested going on with the wiring nearby (up to code? we doan need no stinkin’ code!!!) My mom says that they used to power things with the wheel, so maybe that’s it. In any case, after watching for a bit, we ascertained that the water was actually what was powering the wheel.

There are trains left on remnants of track.

You know I was too curious not to take a peek inside. Chris stayed away because he was sure I’d get in trouble. I did not.

I’m curious as to whether these were hotel type rooming cars while they were still trains, or if they were converted after their life on the rails was over. Each had several bunks, a sink, stove, what looked to be a shower…and small watercloset. There was also a loft in the center that I wish I would have checked out, but it was coming on dust the Chris and the kids were yelling for me.

The kids did go ring the bell on the old mini locomotive. The turkey did NOT like that.

They also both checked out the little….I don’t know what this is. It’s obvious I know nothing about trains.

I fell in love with…this thing. Again, no clue what it used to be. I want it for a bird cage thing. (I’m not totally sure the ramp thing goes with it….it may have just been propped there)

There’s an advertisement for sanitary ice cream on the side. You know, because no one wants unsanitary ice cream. I stopped drinking my milk shake after the thoughts this planted in my head.

The place is kind of bittersweet….like much of Rt 50 in that area actually. Beautiful, yet so sad. The mountains and streams….and poverty and filth. Cool Springs is the end of the line for almost everything there. Hopefully, the children I saw watching tv in half demolished trailers under tarps with the cows grazing under their feet will have a better future than what is left sitting….rusting, aging, decomposing…in some of the most beautiful scenery that God created.

It’s the end of the line.

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One thought on “Cool Springs

  1. Yeah it looks the same…and was the same 40 years before when I went as a kid. A place lost in time – like nothing else and hard to discribe. But the memories…ice cream and exploring …you can’t replace those.

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