Awe inspiring energy.

On our way to Blackwater Falls, we caught a glimpse of windmills!  Not something you see a lot of in our state, but WOW!

They were awesome to look at from a distance.

Then as we got closer, every once in awhile you’d see one of the enormous blades swoop out from behind the trees.

It was really breathtaking.

Chris looked up some info and was telling me that just one of these can power up to 500 homes. How awesome is that?

I know there are a lot of people who do not like them, and think they are an eyesore. I think they are so beautiful though…there’s just something so wholesome about a windmill. Even if they are modern, space age looking ones.

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One thought on “Awe inspiring energy.

  1. The thing you want for a bird house used to be a small corn silo. My fave thing from Cool Springs are the Cheese Cubes. Mmm…My Pappy’s church was not far from there. Sometimes as a special treat he would take me there between morning and evening services, instead of taking his nap and practicing his evening sermon.

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