THAT did not go well!

It’s been a domino effect of disaster around here this morning.

I’ve been working on Bennie’s hair for a few days, and decided to finish it up today.  Mostly because he needs his monthly flea treatment…but he has to have his bath first or else I can’t give him one for at least a week.

So I take the dog out on the porch to cut his hair.  All I really have left is paws and face.  I finish up his paws and remove his collar so I can trim up his next and face.

Celia decides she MUST come out and play.  And chases the chickens into the neighbor’s yard.  So I put the dog down (sans collar) to corral Celia and the chickens.  I closed the gate behind me….but did not latch it.  Sure enough, once I had the chickens and girl herded back into our yard, I hear the tell tale clunk of a loose paver….the sure sign that Bennie nosed the gate open and ran.

Usually, he’ll come right back if you call him….or if you go open a car door like you’re going somewhere.  But today, there was a dog in a neighbor’s yard!  A BIG dog.  One that belonged to someone, as it had a nice harness on…but one I’ve never seen lose before (meaning….this one probably escaped too).  I’m half panicked thinking that this beastly animal is going to attack my friendly little Shih-Tzu any minute….when Bennie gets too close and the dog runs!  Bennie thinks it’s a chase and runs after this dog, barking his fool head off!!

Up the street they run.  This big dog with it’s tail between it’s legs, frightened by my fierce sounding teddy bear of a dog.

I start running after, then notice Celia is NOT on the porch as instructed…she’s happily skipping up the sidewalk behind me.

I take her back to the house, tell Jordan to keep her with him (the only think worse than a missing dog is a missing KID) grab the leash and collar and lock them both in the house (a little extra to prevent her from escaping).

I trodge up the street in the direction the dogs ran.  Walk around several blocks and realize how pointless this is….that I need my car.

Back to the house I go for car keys.

Only….I’m locked out.  The kids are upstairs in Jordan’s room and either can’t hear me ringing the bell or are too well trained in not answering the door when mom isn’t here.

As I’m ringing the bell and banging the door, Bennie starts trotting back down the street.  I grab him up and leash him.   No sign of the other dog anywhere.

I sit on the porch and wait since Chris just went to get the oil changed.  After about five minutes, Celia shows up at the door, unlocks it, and lets me in.


Now I just have to wait for Chris to get home so I can go try to find the other dog and get him to where he’s supposed to be.

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2 thoughts on “THAT did not go well!

  1. BUT your life is not boring. Imagine an empty house collecting dust, no children, no dog, no chickens, no MIA husband . . . Take a deep breath and count your blessings. Hugs from me to you!

  2. Kelli on said:

    All of that happened today? I’m exhausted reading it.

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