…and some other growing things around here.

First, these are my new lillies. I just love them. They look great with the other oranges and reds I have here in the front.

These things. I don’t know what they are, and they really aren’t that great to look at close up….but they add such a nice splash of color in the front. Plus, the hummingbirds just LOVE them. We’ve never seen a hummingbird here before, so that’s a real treat.

My tomatoes. Looking rather molested after I stuffed them in cages last week. Told you I hate staking things.

My corn and squash native garden. It’s looking scraggly at best. Should have planted the corn closer and earlier.

And my glorious trash can potatoes!

I sure hope we get potatoes from these babies. They are looking great (though all of them need another layer of growing material. Here’s the big mama:

Flowers and everything! This one got started a bit later, but is coming up nicely:

This is our experimental sweet potato! We’ll probably not ever get produce from it as they require a longer growing season that we have. I wanted to see if it works though, because I think it could be a great crop to grow at the CNI in Honduras in old tires.

This is the little tomato and chive display I have on the porch. I wish I’d planted all of these with cherry and grape tomatoes as I have 10 big tomato plants in the yard.

I only have one cherry tomato plant though…and it’s got one starting to turn!

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