Things I Thought Were Dead.

It’s a nice surprise to see a plant that you were sure had kicked the bucket come springing up….and I have THREE nice surprises this year!

First, the mums.  In this area, they are generally thought of as an annual.  Bought each year and kept in pots on your porch in the fall.  I’m a rebel, and I planted mine.  Lo and behold, look what came back!

She’s really leggy, so I need to prune it before it starts blooming.

Also….a hydrangea! I’ve wanted a great big hydrangea bush for years, and last year requested them for Mother’s Day. I got not one…but three! Good thing too, because we sure killed them off fast. One got planted in a place that was just too sunny. Despite me desperate watering…it sizzled. Another was doing GREAT. Until someone ran over it with the lawnmower. No one will fess up to this heinous feat, but it’s clearly been mowed down.

Then there’s this little one. The smallest of them all, planted in an out of the way spot. Not weeded properly or watered enough, but look! She popped right out of that mess!

Lastly, these sweet caladiums. I planted these bulbs way back in the spring and expected to see them popping up with my hostas. No such luck. Today, I noticed a few of them peeking up!

Hopefully there will be more to come…I planted a bunch of these suckers in many different colors!

Lastly, something that OUGHT to be dead. Look at these gladiolas. No backbone. I have no patience for things that need propped up or staked or require continual care like this. But I need a tall flowering something here. What a mess I have now.

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