Mallard Park

Yesterday we took the kids to a waterpark and they had an awesome time.  Celia tried out all of the pools (though she loved the kid’s area the best….and watching people come down the big slide in the Olympic pool. 

Jordan spent his time trying out the slides….then jumping off everything there was to jump off of.  I honestly could not believe that my chicken little launched himself off of not only the high springboard, but also the platforms above that!!

Testing the waters….

There he gooooooes…..

And goes…..


He also mastered front flips off of both springboards!

Obviously, I’m loving that many picture option on the camera. On my computer, I can flip through them fast and it’s almost like an old fashioned flipbook. I can’t believe I didn’t think to get video of it!

Unfortunately, they don’t allow boys to wear swim shirts. Bah! And with him spending so much time flipping and jumping in….I just could not keep sunscreen on the boy. He got sunburned. 😦

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2 thoughts on “Mallard Park

  1. Marianne on said:

    How brave! And scary! I love the photos, but am glad I wasn’t there to watch in person…..I would have been too worried. Grandma thing, you know.

  2. Emmy on said:

    Awesome shots! I would have had a heart attach watching him do that! Why won’t they let them wear swim shirts?

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