Child Labor Law Violations!!

The children are much abused when visiting family.

Jordan was put to work mowing the lawn:


Celia had to sweep the porches:


They both had to wash grandma’s car:




It’s truly a hard knock life around here. Especially for my brother and mom, who discovered that sometimes letting these two ‘help’ with a project is more trouble than it’s worth. My brother had to go back and fix all the unmown patches of grass, and my mom ended up finishing washing the car by herself after Celia got squirted with water and quit….then Jordan fell off the car. He was unhurt, but she almost had a heart attack.

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2 thoughts on “Child Labor Law Violations!!

  1. If you don’t have them help, they don’t learn how to do things. I was all good until my heart attack from Joran’s fall. : )

  2. Irish on said:

    I’m calling the press! šŸ˜‰

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