Better Homes and Gardens

I think they are in the running for a cover shot or something:


It’s really hard not to envy hanging baskets like this. Seriously, aren’t they something!?!?!


Photos like these make the south look beautiful. Like you might want to move here and have lovely gardens to be envied by your short seasoned northern neighbors.


It’s a lie though. It’s not nice at all. It’s HOT. Oppressingly, unimaginably hot. I don’t know how people survive in this! It’s only JUNE!!!

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2 thoughts on “Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Yeah, I think people don’t get that I like living in WV. We have mountains, rivers, and cooler temps. I visited my family in NC this past weekend. I was hot. I hated not sleeping with my windows open. The bugs nipped at my legs . . . However, I did enjoy being surrounded by and being spoiled by my family.

  2. Marianne on said:

    After being in Savannah last week, I can say for sure I couldn’t live “in the South”…..just too darn hot for me! Nice place to visit IN THE WINTER.

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