Garden 2009

View down the fence. There are peas, tomatoes, and carrots growing here. Plus some berry bushes that we started but really won’t account for much for a few years.


The peas look a little droopy…but they really aren’t.



Tomatoes and carrots….growing close together. I hope that’s okay…..the carrots are happy. Not sure about the tomatoes yet!


Corn. One of our experiments for this year.


Potatoes. Another experiment. These are growing in a (clean) trash can. I put more mulch and dirt in this one today. They are supposed to keep growing and as you add more soil…..those branches will turn to roots and grow potatoes. We’ll see. It’s growing fast, I know that much!


Celia’s strawberries. There are a bunch of them…but she keeps picking them and eating them or feeding them to the chickens.


Amoung the corn I also have pumpkins, squash, zucchini, and watermelon. There are three potted tomatoes on the porch that have really taken off. And a planter with a mess of beets, carrots, onions…and broccoli and cauliflower that took forever to spout and don’t have much of a chance this late! Hopefully we’ll get something to eat out of all this work!

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