Expanding the Coop

Since it was raining any I couldn’t work in the garden this evening, I decided to get started on the little run for the chickens that would go under their coop.

I have to say…I’m pretty proud of myself.  This is the first thing I’ve ever just pondered out in my head and built (with Chris’s help cutting the wood and stuff)….and it came out just right!  Just like I was wanting it to!  That’s pretty much a miracle considering my slapdash measurement methods and lack of an actual blueprint or written plan.

So here’s what we’ve started on.


I will need to wrap the whole thing in chicken wire. Since our yard is fenced and we live in town, predators are not a huge concern. I just want something to contain them when I’m not home to let them free range around the yard…but give them a little fresh air and freedom.

I also need to attach the nest box to the side and I have a little covered staircase thing for the back so they can get up and down in safety. Many people just do the hole in the floor thing, but I didn’t want all the wood chips constantly falling out. It will also add some more cross ventilation (which I’m always paranoid about having after reading chicken forums. That’s right, I read chicken forums).

Right now, all they have is a little penthouse suite. They seem to like it.

“Whoa! Something is different here!”


“We’re like…higher or something. Weird”


“Step back from the ledge Henny! It’s not worth it! We love you!!”


Just kidding. They can totally fly, and they know it. Mostly because whenever I find them somewhere they aren’t supposed to me, I toss them back in the yard and they are forced to flap their wings in a might fashion and land on their feet.

The food and water will eventually go on the bottom level, open air level. I’m going to put a roost down there too. Then the coop itself will just be for sleeping and egg laying.

I didn’t want the whole thing to be too heavy, so it comes apart. The base will be it’s own unit. The coop itself can just lift off, but won’t slide because we overlapped the supports some. The roof comes off the coop as well, so it’s pretty light and easy to move. The big door makes it easy to clean it out and to get eggs. Plus that air movement thing again.

Oh, and I need help picking a name!! My options thus far are:

Red Roost Inn
Casa de Pollo Loco (house of crazy chickens)
Cluckingham Palace
Hen Haven

Let me know which one you think is best! I’m leaning toward the Casa right now!

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One thought on “Expanding the Coop

  1. Wow! I’m pretty impressed. Fresh eggs sound wonderful. 🙂 Anyway, I’m think the Casa one is the best. Will you be making a sign? Great work.

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