Summer 2009: No child left inside!

I have big plans of nothing this summer!  I’ve discovered that the less time the kids are actually IN the house…the less time they have to mess it up.  Me being there to clean more (or not) seems to make no difference.

So I figure I’ll just keep us busy being out and about…and the house will be there to clean in September.

Every summer I say we’re going to check out the different things around WV…introduce the kids to the state.  And we never make it.  This year Chris has an ACTUAL day off.  One day a week when it’s just about guaranteed he doesn’t have to work, so we’re going to use it.  Blackwater Falls, Seneca Rocks, Valley Falls, Cooper’s Rock….and everywhere else I can think of, we’re going to pack a lunch and check it out.

I figure if we also go to the pool one day a week, and Chestnut Ridge Park once a week…that’s a pretty good start.  We’ll see what comes up for the rest of it..and worst case scenario I’ll just kick the kids out to the backyard witht he chickens and the dog!

So open invitation to all friends:  Stop on by or come along!  We plan to have some fun this summer!

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