Colorfast Fail: Honduran Style

While in Honduras, I got this FABULOUS new bag.

I hate to say it…but this bag was the envy of the whole team.  The women at least.  But I got it, and it was the ONLY one like it.

I loved it so much I had to immediately use it as my carryon for the plane ride home.  It was the perfect size, not too little, not to big.  A nice thick crossbody strap, perfect for walking through the airport.

After soaking in the compliments and using my new bag for the first leg of our trip home…..I began to notice a certain…..pinky-purpleness to myself that I didn’t not start the trip with.

Turns out that beautiful bag wanted to share it’s unique beauty with everything it touched.  Including my hands, the fronts of my thighs, my butt, the toes of my shoes (while stowed under the seat in front of me).  You get the picture.

You know you look bad when the customs guy comments on your ‘new style’.  Thanks man.

Anyway, this is what my washing machine looked like when trying to make this bag usable.  This is after probably five hand rinsings and a vinegar dip.


Unfortunately, after all the extra dye rinsed out….it wasn’t such a beautiful bag.



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2 thoughts on “Colorfast Fail: Honduran Style

  1. Amber on said:

    Yep, those foreign goodies are always so “good”. My dad went to China, bought Jackson a cute little red panda shirt. Smelled a little funky, and without thinking, I threw it into the wash with the rest of his clothes. Needless to say, I have never seen water so red in all my life. Looked like someone dumped a whole bottle of food dye in. It stunk.

  2. lydia on said:

    awww…. sad! i know what that’s like, though… i bought a gorgeous bright purple quilt at a market in guatemala and it did the same thing… so i washed and soaked and did the vinegar… and the only thing that stopped the dye from bleeding was laying it out in the sun…. and allowing the dye to fade a little. Wasn’t so pretty, but it worked… of course AFTER staining the dryer purple…

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