Dodgeball Party!

We had Jordan’s dodgeball party yesterday, and it was great fun!

The cake looked REALLY good here at the house. Then…by the time we made it to the church…the icing was getting melty and sliding around. It still looked passable….but I learned an important lesson on icing. (Fondant is heavy and will slide right off if it’s not used with a sturdy icing underneath). No biggie…I’m not a professional…I do this twice a year. Plus…..the kids LOVED it. Several of the kids said “Whoa!! It looks like Ace of Cakes made that!” and “This is the best cake I’ve ever eaten!” Coming from twelve year olds (they usually aren’t forthcoming with praise) it made me feel REALLY good!

(no, that’s not glass on the cake, it’s hard tack candy! everyone asked that….it’s a dodgeball busting through a window, if you can’t tell)




The pinata was also kinda a success. It took 7 good hits….then the rope I used broke. Dang it! I thought I had used stuff heavy enough….but apparently not. The kids still loved it. We gave the pinata a good rip down the middle, flung it to the middle of the gym, and everyone scrambled after the balls. I’m really happy with my choice to put balls in it (there were about 50…half the high bounce kind) in there instead of candy.

Jordan got tons of good gifts from his friends. This must be the ‘good gift’ face because he made it all of the time.




We also played 5 games of dodgeball, but I got no picks because I was playing. The grandparents took pics, so I’ll post those if I get them!

Honestly, this was the most fun party we’ve done. No one got hurt (thank goodness!). The kids were so pleasant to be around. Jordan invited his best neighborhood friend, a few from church, and several from school, and a new friend visiting family from out of state. ALL of the kids were SO nice, polite, and well behaved. You just don’t get that very often today… many of the kids and teens I see everywhere….well, honestly….are entitled brats. (I know that sounds awful, I’m just really not that fond of other people’s children!) But every kid at this party was so pleasant and fun to be around. No one threw fits if they got out in dodge ball, or didn’t get their favorite flavor soda, or a turn before the pinata broke, or their favorite ball. It was….just plain fun!

I thought it was especially sweet that a few of the kids just gave him home made cards that they did themselves….and one friend gave Jordan his collection of Pokemon cards.  Jordan is SO into those right now, and the friend doesn’t play with his anymore, so he gave Jordan two whole binder’s full of cards!

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5 thoughts on “Dodgeball Party!

  1. That cake is a wow, that is WONDERFUL that you did all this, you have one lucky kid!! Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  2. Mother-Nature on said:

    The cake looks AWESOME! What nice friends your son has. Glad you had a terrific party! I also love the homemade cards. It saves a ton of money and shows true thought. Now rest up, you’ve worked hard.

  3. Irish on said:

    R, that freakin’ ROCKS!!!! OMGosh that’s the BEST CAKE! You deserve a Mom of the Year Award in the birthday party division. Seriously. Tell J that I said that. 😉

    Funny thing is, my ods makes the same “This is an awesome gift” face, too. 8 )

  4. That cake is awesome! Great job as always Rebecca!

  5. Donna on said:

    AWESOME Rebecca!!!! That cake ROCKS!

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