We lost Belinda :(

We lost Belinda today.

Sadly, it was all my fault.  I was in a hurry this morning, and I forgot to come out and unplug the heat lamp (it’s still so cold at night).  I usually take care of the chickens….so even though Chris was home today, he didn’t think to come check them.

When I got home and found they’d been in the coop all day, I ran out.  The girls were all really hot and panting.  Stella and Henny stoof up and came out when I opened the door.  Brunella was lying behind the feeder and I had to pick her up, but then she pepped up.  Poor Belinda was already gone though.

I gave the girls ice cold water and misted them, and they all seem quite fine now.

I’m so surprised it was Belinda…she seemed to be the strongest one.

One of the reasons I consented to four was because they are so fragile and I knew we might lose one or two.  I just feel awful that it was a totally preventable thing, and completely my fault.

Belinda was Celia’s chicken.  Celia seems to be taking if very well.  I’m not sure that she totally ‘gets’ what death is about.  She says she’s a little sad and she misses her, but she isn’t in tears or anything.  Jordan seems to have taken it okay too.  I know it sounds macabre…but it is easier for children to learn about death through animals first….and not through a person they know.

I don’t know.  I feel really bad about poor Belinda and I hope that she didn’t suffer too badly.  😦

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2 thoughts on “We lost Belinda :(

  1. I’m sorry to hear you lost a little chicken. 😦

  2. Princess Peaches on said:

    I am sorry.

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