Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m a chickenaholic.

The other night, I was just exhausted.  Completely not wanting to move…and still had cake icing to make (fondant, so lots of messy hard work).  A friend offered to let me come use her fancy KitchenAid for the icing the next day…and I was SO happy at the thought of just going to bed.  I went out in the yard to bring in the giant pinata from it’s evening drying in the sun…and to turn on the light for those chickens.

Only when I turned on the light…they were so stinkin’ cute that I had to go back in, get the camera, and spend 40 minutes in the yard taking sleepy chicken photos.

The pepped up a little when they heard the camera come on and gave me the “Mom??  We know you’re out there!  Open the door!” look.


Henny is the first one out (she always is…worries me a bit) in the ‘dead chicken sprawl’.


Brunnela decides to try the roosting thing. She still forgets that you can’t sprawl out on a roost and usually falls off a few times before she gets it.


Stops for a bit of bedtime grooming…..


But she figures the roosting thing out….and nods off in no time!


Belinda settles down and uses Henny as a pillow….


Eventually Stella curled up in a corner.

Is there a 12 step program for this kind of thing? No normal person sits out in the yard at night taking pictures of sleeping chickens!

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One thought on “Chickenaholic

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    That is the first time EVER that I saw chickens lay down to sleep.. I mean, like THAT! I have always seen them either sitting on their feet and staying in that position or on the stick roosting! What kind of chickens do you have that seem to need a pillow to sleep? Dude, thems some freaky chickens! ;-p

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