Keepin’ it Klassy

As always.

In addition to the fact that we have chickens….and my yard usually looks like the white trash capitol of the world (I think I’m just going to get rid of any and all outside toys…make the kids play with sticks or something) I had to deal with the humiliation of my dentist suggesting that instead of a porcelin crown for my tooth….I go with a gold one.  Gold is forever, you know.

Uh, no thanks.  I pay for a new crown every ten years if need be…I’m just not to that ghetto fabulous stage of my life where I need a gold crown on any tooth…even a moral (my apologies to those of you sportin’ the bling in your mouth.  You rock the look, you really do.  It’s just not me.)

I also got to take my klassy show on the road this week.  We went to a cookout at a friend’s house…which happened to be in a really nice neighborhood.  Habit won out over manners though, and when it came time to go…instead of walking all around the neighborhood to find Jordan, I bellowed “Jordan…we’re leaving!!!  Get to the car!!!”

Last, but not least, I took Celia out running errands in her pajamas this morning.  She’s four.  A very mature four at that…too old to be running around in her pajamas.  But we had to leave for Morgantown at 7:15…it was really cold, and she was sleeping.  It was just easier to throw her in the car in this fleece zippy things (she did have shoes on though….I’m not THAT bad).  Originally I had just planned to pick up my car and run in CVS real quick.  Then I kept thinking of one errand after another that needed doing while we were out and about.  Before you know it, we’re in the party store at 10 AM and she’s still in fleece pajamas.

I think I’m going to complete the image by chopping weeds in the driveway with that machete Chris got in Honduras.  I think it would work well….and might intimidate those neighbor boys into staying out of my yard!

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One thought on “Keepin’ it Klassy

  1. HAHAHA!!! I was just going to sit back and read quietly until I read this. I was cracking up!! It’s funny when you catch yourself doing these things, I do them too.
    I found your blog from babycenter, you commented on a post of mine, I’m Morphing into Mommy.

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