Three things that irritate me today.

1.  Late freezes.  I just spent half an hour covering tomatoes…and who knows if that will work.

2.  Over zealous weed wacker operators.  The radio fence that is SUPPOSED to keep the dog in is cut in three places.  Looks like I’m going to be splicing some this week.  Chris insists that it was not him, so apparently we have a weed wacker fairy that is giving us lawn care favors.

3.  Nasty neighbor children.  Why can’t they be polite and well behaved like any of my friend’s kids?  Last summer I had to put up a gate to try and keep them out of my yard and breaking our toys.  Then a lock on the gate as they walked right through.  Now my gate has the screws all pulled out from them jumping it, bending it, laying on it, running into it…or something.  Plus I caught them moving the barriers I put up to keep the chickens in.  Look, if you want to see the chickens, just ask.  Do not try to get them out of the yard.  They are dumb birds and won’t come back.  Looks like it’s also time to have a talk with someone’s mother…..

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