Small Updates.

Small updates, but no photos.  I need to recharge the camera battery first.

So let’s see.  I had a windfall of a Mother’s Day.  Chris got me a new computer.  A new Macbook to be exact.  The brand new, very fancy one.  It’s……fabulous…..and…..pearlescent.  The fingers just slide right over this thing.  Very nice.  And thanks to that time capsule airport thing he insisted on having…..everything from my old Macbook can be put right on here and I’ll pick up right were I left off, as if I was never without one in the first place.

I also got a new cell phone from ‘Jordan’.  Really, from Chris…through Jordan.  Or something like that.  I’ve had the same old flip phone for…..years.  Three, maybe four years.  I don’t remember.  It’s a great phone, no problems.  And I love the service too.  Since I don’t use it very much (I’m not really a phone person…honestly, I hate talking on the phone) I use Virgin Mobile’s pay as you go plan…and use less than $10 a month.  I do text a little…mostly when it’s cheaper to just send a text than call (okay, whenever I can get away with it) but since I’m old and all…it takes me forever to send a text.  Then I saw a kid with a fancy phone that has a full slide out keyboard.  Oooooo.  It doesn’t take much for me to be won over.  Then I found out the phone is also an MP3 player (which I don’t have).  Well, that would be nice too.  This one has all kinds of fancy things like a camera and stuff in it too.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it!

For icing on that cake, Chris’s parents bought a new car….and gave us their old one.  We were planning on buying it from them (as we’ve been looking to buy another car and put an end to this one car madness) but they insist that they will not take our money for it.

In other news….the chickens are outside in their new coop.  They seem quite happy there.  I haven’t seen them using the roosts yet though…and I’m really hoping they do.  They love to roost on things around the yard (and on us).  It’s an adorable little coop and I’m very happy with it.  They are getting more time out in the yard now and Celia loves playing with them.  A little too much actually.  I caught her taking a chicken down the slide the other day….and she tells me she taught them how to swing.  This is a scary thought.  She was the first one to test out the coop, pronounced it perfect and played in it for a whole afternoon before we let the chickens check it out.  Then she scratched her arm on some chicken wire and now tells everyone how sharp it is.

Chris and I got lazy this week and just let her come to MOPS (instead of him taking her to preschool and us doing the mad dash to pick up and switcharoo) and I laughed (probably a little too loud) when the childcare worker pulled me aside to tell me what a sweet, smart, darling ANGEL my Celia is.  She is, she really is.  But much like that little girl with the curl…when she is good, she’s very very good.  And when she’s bad….she’s horrid!  The many many Mother’s Day cards she made me (some with actual flowers stapled to them) make up for the mess and attitude of the past week.  Almost.

Jordan scored his first two goals of the soccer season, both in the same game.  He also has a new defensive strategy that I’m desperately trying to capture in a picture.  Basically, he launches himself at whomever has the ball, lands right in front of the kid, startles the crap of of them, then steals the ball.  It seems to work well.  Let’s all hope he doesn’t miss and land on the ball or a kid.

That’s us, in a nutshell.  I’m going to be working like mad around the house and garden this week…hoping for fabulous changes!

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