All Honduras, all the time…

For anyone who just hasn’t had enough of my Honduras photos and stories yet, here is a link to the group’s Picasa album.  Several of the people on the trip are uploading their photos to this album, so there will be tons of photos to click through….including some perspectives I didn’t get, like what goes on behind the scenes at the church, and what happens daily in the clinic.

In case you’re wondering…no, I’m not happy to be home yet.  Yes, I’m ready to go back.  I’ve now reached the sulking stage of whatever this is…and bargaining with myself.  “Hmmm, looks like the dryer has finally become a fire hazard.  Maybe it’s time to finally buy that new one.  But….I could just line dry (and eventually hand wash, as the washer is about to bite the dust too….and no, they aren’t fixable, they are 20 years old and I’ve fixed all I can fix) everything from now on and use that many to go back to Honduras.”

I did miss my kids, and I’m glad to be with them.  I just wish I could be with them in Honduras.

Yes, I’m well aware that I’m being unreasonable and irrational.  Reason doesn’t speak to the heart though.

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