More Honduras Photos

The only plus to my camera magically deleting all of my photos from the village is that everyone else is sharing theirs.  So occasionally, I’m actually in a photo!

From Becky’s Pics

This is the road to the church. The entire bridge washed out during the last rainy season. Now part of it has been rebuilt, but it’s a pretty good reminder of the awesome power that a few drops of water can have when all joined together.

From Becky’s Pics

This is the first hill we had to scale (right after that fun looking bridge)

From Becky’s Pics

View from the top:

From Becky’s Pics

Can you imagine walking up and down this, every day during rainy season, just to get to school? Yikes.

These are canna plants grown in someone’s yard. They are edible…mostly the roots. It’s a starchy rhizome. So the people there do want to work and grow their own food….they just don’t have the resources to cultivate crops of higher nutritional value.

From Becky’s Pics

View of the church from the village mountain. I’d love to be sitting here and hear the music from church. Since the church itself is open air, I’d image it sounds pretty good. An interesting look at ministry for those who can’t or won’t come to church (yet).

From Becky’s Pics

This is the will up to Lester and Daniel’s house. And the big pig. I really hope they’ve eaten that monster by now.

From Becky’s Pics

One of the many pulperia’s scattered through the area. The Honduran equivalent of a Dairy Mart.

From Becky’s Pics

I still can’t wrap my mind around how beautiful…and how sad….one place can be at the same time.

From Becky’s Pics
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One thought on “More Honduras Photos

  1. Irish on said:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures! I’m so glad you were able to experience it.

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