Mi Amigos

Well, and amigas.  Mostly amigas.  Obviously, I still don’t understand the gender part of Spanish very well.  Way confusing.  Especially when dresses are boys and ties are girls.

Kayla.  She’s the head of our little child development team…and a pretty awesome one at that.  She went with the group in January and loved it so much that she came again with us in April.  It was great having someone that had just been there and already knew the ropes.

From Rebecca Moran

Sue. She’s the third member of our little three woman team. I haven’t seen a photo of her without a kid in it. Either a kid from the CNI or her host family or just a random kid form church. They love her and she loves them. The best part about our little team is how well we meshed. Both Kayla and Sue were always positive, fun, and easy to be around. If something needed done, someone stepped up and did it. There were no assigned roles and no toes to be stepped on.

From Becky’s Pics

This is April, our trip leader, and Becky, one of our doctors. April got us though early flights, unexpected baggage charges, tight connections, customs ans safely to Honduras. On the way home she managed to get flights switched around so our ailing doctor did not have to fly alone, back through customs, and on into Pittsburgh. Couldn’t have asked for a more organized or awesome leader. The rest of the time she was there, she was in the pharmacy counting pills and substituting meds the clinic didn’t have (and needed) for ones they did have (and would still do the same thing). Nina and Marisa are helping out in there in this pic too.

From Becky’s Pics

The OB/GYN girls. Dr. Stephanie is sitting upon her throne (that’s a the clinic’s wheelchair. The chair part is a plastic lawn chair…I’m not sure what it’s bolted to) at the end of a long day. If you don’t already know what her scepter is….you probably don’t want to!

From debbiewithoutborders

More of the medical staff. Nancy is the x-ray tech extraordinaire. She managed to get the unused x-ray machine at the clinic working again, left instructions on keeping it working, and stocked the clinic with x-ray film (no easy task since it couldn’t go through the security machines at the airports…so one extra step for her and everyone that helped going through security). I wish I knew more about what each of them did…I know that Justin did a good amount of minor surgery (ingrown toenails, several tongue tied corrections, etc) although for the most part…..it seems like doctors and nurses just fix whatever comes there way. Mark did an awesome job with patients all week, survived menopause, and stepped up to take care of Justin on the trip home. Debbie has plenty of her own stories in the patients she helped nurse back to health this week.

From debbiewithoutborders

Marisa. Another one of our doctors and carrier of all our personal drug needs (CIPRO!). She’s adventurous in the clinic and out..here she’s getting ready to go on the canopy zip line! She also is a musician and sang with a mic on our Spanish version of Mighty to Save. When Justin got so sick on the ride home, she ran into a pharmacy and got what was needed to get him feeling a little better so he could make it home.

From Marisa’s pics

Marisa and Stephanie enjoying bags of water. Drinking from a bag is an art. Srsly.

From Marisa’s pics

Most of the Arts team, along with Rossel (a pastor) and Rebecca (their fabulous translator) and one of the church media guys.

From Brent Jackson

Two of the most awesome people I’ve ever met. Merphran directs the clinic and co-ordinates all of the mission trips that come to help them out. There were 22 groups that came last year…..and in looking at the calendar for this year…even more. I don’t know what his life is like when he’s not hosting a group, but when Americans are there….he works nonstop. Most days I didn’t see him sit down or eat. He spent an entire afternoon walking me around downtown La Ceiba (part of it in the rain) so I could do some shopping for the CNI. It was great….not only because without him I would have gotten lost, not found what I needed, paid too much for what I could find, and probably not ever made it back to the CNI….but because it was like spending an afternoon with a friend I’ve known forever. He’s got two sweet little girls….and a wife who gives up much of him so that he can do whatever needs doing around the clinic, church, CNI, or home sites. Marlon runs the CNI. Every single day here there with 45 kids, helping to feed them, helping them with school, playing with them, loving them, getting them to the clinic if they need it, and just guiding them along their way. He also know almost every child in the village…and knows who the next kid is that we need to get at the CNI. Even with doing all that every day, it still breaks his heart to have to turn a kid away….to tell them there is not enough extra food…that they don’t have a sponsor. Then he gets up and does it all again the next day.

From Becky’s Pics

This is our gracious host family. Rossel is a pastor at the church and did an awesome job of getting us everything we needed. So many of the other houses didn’t have water (due to the city shutting it off for most of the day) but he did his best to be sure we always did. Chris and the arts team said it was awesome to work with him. Aurora is a fabulous cook (and thankfully sent me home with some recipes) and hostess. She even did our laundry for us…and I must find out exactly what she did. It was line dried, but smelled fabulous (I don’t like the smell of line dried clothes as much as ones from the dryer, even though I do line dry them all summer). So I need her secret! The girls were so sweet and funny. Jessie, the oldest, speaks English quite well. Annie has a beautiful voice, and Lissi is just a doll. They put on a concert for us that was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

From Brent Jackson

I think that’s everyone, except Karen. Karen hates to be in pictures. I don’t understand it because she’s a beautiful woman….but we were careful not to get her in photos all week. She was there though!

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