Shake ya tail feathers!

(We now pause from the endless Honduras photos and stories for a brief chicken update)

Shake ya tail feathers…if you’ve got ’em!

We took our chickie babies out to play in the yard this weekend (seems like we brought some Honduran warm weather home with us…at least for a few days). They loved it!


Honestly, they’ve grown quite ugly. In a cute only a mama can love you kinda way. They are moulting…losing their baby fluff and growing real feathers. Belinda has turned out to be the ‘big sister’ and already has a few real tail feathers in. Everyone else is still mostly wings.


They are still a hilariously funny bunch. They want to stick together and if anyone can’t find the group she stands tall and starts chirping like mad. They are totally on the hunt for worms and bugs though. I’m pretty sure they think Celia is the mama too. They don’t fussy or flutter when she picks them up and carries them all over the place. Me….not so much. They do like to roost on my shoulders though. And see if my pink toenails haz a flavor. (They do not, but it tickles).



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4 thoughts on “Shake ya tail feathers!

  1. Awww… they are getting to the awkward teenage phase when they start to look kinda geeky.

  2. Tempest Mom on said:

    Awwwww!!! Makes me teary.. they are growing up!!! Soon they’ll be asking to borrow the car.. 😉

  3. Irish on said:

    Cute chicks! I wish I could have some at our house.

  4. I’d say that they are still pretty cute. Mine go through a really ugly duckling stage where only a mother could love them.

    Did you ever see any of those naked neck chickens in Honduras? Talk about ugly! But the majority of the chickens that I see look amazingly fat and healthy — much better than the poor cows who look like they are starving.

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