I still have a lot of things to share about Honduras, but today my brain is a bit boggled making the adjustment back to being in the States. Here are some random thoughts.

I love Honduras.  I really think I would move there, but Chris is not the least interested in that.  We will be going back within a year though.

When staying in a country that close to the equator, it is important to wear and REAPPLY sunscreen.  I usually put it on and I’m good to go, but uh…..I got a sunburn.  I have not gotten a sunburn in probably four years, I’m pretty meticulous about sunscreen.  I don’t want no skin cancer, yo!!  Currently I have small blisters on my shoulders and I’m wearing a scarf as a baduea top (since I own none of those) because the pressure of an actual shirt is just too much.

A strong, healthy man can go from perfectly fine to so very sick he requires three bags of IV fluids and injections of antinausea meds in less than four hours.

All of the aforementioned medications can be purchased at just about any pharamcy in Honduras for just under $10.

No one will stop and ask questions if said meds are dispensed in the back of a bus beside a busy highway.

A real friend will step up and re-arrange his flight plans with no reservations so that his sick friend will not fly alone.  Another friend will hand over a credit card to pay for a first class seat (only one available) to make this happen.  While it’s not good to see someone so sick, that’s a pretty awesome thing to see happen.

My dog missed me so much he actually attempted to lick my face off.

Beautiful bags bought in Honduras may not be colorfast.  While buying that perfect bag may make you the envy of all your teammates, it may also turn your pants purple.  Even airport security will laugh at that fashion faux pas.

It is never too late, and you are never too tired to laugh.

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