They love my chub.

I’m not sure why, but several of the kids at the CNI just love the little roll of belly chub I have.  They will walk up to me and grab ahold of it and smile or laugh and hug me.  No idea why.

It’s not just me either.  Kayla mentioned they do the same to her.  It’s not like either one of us are fat….and they aren’t doing it to be mean…but you always feel like saying ‘Thanks kid.  I appreciate you pointing that out.”

Today this little guy, Kevin, surprised me.  I have to admit…we all have our favorites at the CNI…and he is one of mine. And all of the arts team.  And most everyone else.  He’s just so loving that it’s hard not to love him!


Anyway, this cutie comes running up to me this morning, plants his face in my belly chub, blows a raspberry through my shirt, and yells up at me “Tu es azúcar…..NOM NOM NOM” then laughs hysterically as I exclaimed “Mi no azúcar”!

That’s right. I had my belly chub “NOM”ed by a Honduran child.

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One thought on “They love my chub.

  1. That is beyond cute! He sounds like he is a sweet boy. You have been internationally NOMed!

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