Banana Boys

All of the guys love the fresh bananas here.  So many varieties…and I still don’t like to eat them!


The other night I was all alone in the house. I was very exciting, thinking I’d have the chance to do something nice and helpful for our host family. First, I ran in the kitchen to wash the dishes. I cleared out the dish drainer, flipped on the faucet and got nothing but a puff of air. I’d forgotten that there was no water in the evenings. Dang.

Then I decided I’d make some banana bread. During one of our banana discussions, our hosts seems surprised that we’d make them into anything like bread….and a little horrified that we’d make them into a drink (smoothies). I found every ingredient except the baking powder. Okay, I just need to find a substitution. I pulled out my computer and tried to do a search….coming up with nothing. Mostly because they had taken their internet pod to the church for the evening, so I had no internet. I wandered around for another half an hour, looking for some way to be helpful…then I gave up and went to sleep.

Hospitality Fail.

During a shopping trip in La Ceiba (for the CNI) I picked up a thing of baking powder. I’m hoping to get another chance in the kitchen, though Aurora did let me wash the dishes last night (at my rather forceful insistance!).

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One thought on “Banana Boys

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    LMAO at the reaction to banana bread! I know yours is going to be so damn good that they will be begging for your recipe!! GO REBECCA!!!

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