Another Day at the CNI.

Our first ‘real’ day at the CNI was very eventful. We were able to get so much done with the kids and learn so much about them. We start every day with a new song (and do the old ones for fun). Then a new story from the Bible, and a memory verse to go with it. First thing the kids put together these cute foam prayer journals to write their verses (and anything else they wish) into.

Photobucket Photobucket We also had a station (we divided the kids into three groups, one for each of us Americans, and rotated through the stations) talking about our families. We shared photos and stuff about our families, and the kids all drew pictures of everyone that lives in their house and told me about their families. Photobucket Photobucket The other station was just a table of books we brought with is. Most popular station of all!! These kids LOVE to read and have books read to them. This is one of the tutors reading to the kids (it’s cooler int he breezeway, so we sneak out there a lot!)


Maynor snatched up the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe and sat reading for for 45 minutes.


As a special treat for the afternoon, the Americans were going to a soccer game. The two city teams were playing. The kids got to fingerpaint….and choose a team to have painted on their faces. Blue for Victoria, red for Vida. I went with blue. The kids all looked a little frightened of getting paint on their faces, so I went first. After that they jumped on the idea!

Sweet smiling girls:


The fingerpainting went well until I needed to wash my hands so I could take photos. The children are always wanting more craft supplies, not matter the craft (it’s a constant barrage of “por favor Rebecca, mas mas….” so hard to resist!) so I asked Kayla to keep an eye on the paint so they wouldn’t help themselves. She got sidetracked with a group of kids, and went I returned, I found a huddle of children playing in an pile of paint. Thank you Crayola, for making it washable!


At the end of the day, Carlos helped through a shortcut down the hill. He held my hand so I wouldn’t fall then led me through someone’s yard (I’m sure they love that…there is a path though). It was much quicker than going all the way back up to the clinic, down the hill, around the school, etc. The yard does have so aggressive roosters, so you have to watch out for those!


I skipped out on the soccer game to stay home and get some work done.  So far, I have a rough draft of a website for the CNI.  I’d appreciate thoughts and feedback on it!

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