Our Palace

For all our friends and family who were worried about us staying in a hut for a week, you’ll be happy to know that we were placed with….well, the best host family EVER.

Here are some photos from our house.

The bedroom for Chris and I. It has air conditioning. Wow!:

From Rebecca Moran

The bathroom we get to use. It’s fabulous. A tiled shower, just like we have back home!

From Rebecca Moran

We even have a heated showerhead, so we can have hot showers if we want them! You have to be careful to not leave the showerhead on after you’ve turned the water off, r you can burn up the whole thing.

From Rebecca Moran

This is the room that Brent and Dan are sharing. It does not have a/c…..but the nights are so cool that they sleep very comfortable. The neighbor’s rooster does try to wake them up pretty early though!

From Rebecca Moran

The is the patio and small front yard. Everything is enclosed here, with a very large gate. We call it the fortress!

From Rebecca Moran
From Rebecca Moran

From the patio you can see houses like what many of the people here live in. These are the people that come to the clinic, the children that come to the CNI.

From Rebecca Moran

Honestly, it’s is nice being in such a beautiful and well equipped house….but it is our host family that has made everything so fabulous. Aurora is a FABULOUS cook. Rossel is a pastor at the church, and he’s so great about making sure we get where we need to be, when we need to be there. He also works to be sure we have water when we need it (they turn the water off here frequently…many others have had no water for showers and such. We always have water) The three girls are adorable and fun. Our family has made all the difference in our trip.

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One thought on “Our Palace

  1. Marianne on said:

    Looks great! You’re not “roughing it” after all.

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