First Day at the CNI

Our first day here in La Ceiba went pretty awesome. First we went to a short devotional at the Clinic to meet the staff and volunteers we’d be working with here. Then Suzanne, Kayla, and I (plus a few interpreters) made our way down to the Nutritional Center. Even though it was Saturday and the kids generally don’t come that day, they knew we would be there and were waiting. We were greeted by lots of smiling, happy kids who wanted hugs and love.

The Clinic, with a line for the day already forming:


Back of the CNI:


Marlon is in charge of the CNI year round, and he does a fabulous job. He’s meticulously organized, and those kids listen to him like nothing else. Sometimes the children kinda try to pull one over on us ‘gringas’, but when Marlon speaks, they listen.

We had bags waiting for us to be unpacked…..but we needed to do that without the kids help. So we dug through the bags for Playdoh….the universal thing to interest all children. They loved that….and the balls we brought, the bubbles, the balloons, and the jump ropes. I taught them Four Square (one boy seemed to already know, which was very helpful) and a group of them played for about two hours!



Sue entertaining some kids:


By the time lunch was over, we’d managed to get all the clothes and shoes we brought laid out in size order on one side of the CNI. Since everything was packing in bits and spurts…we had no clue how much was really there. It is a pretty awesome amount…most donated by friends and family. We took each child through and found them new shoes and at least one new outfit. Then we let them take things for their brothers and sisters who do not attend the CNI. (A child must be sponsored to attend. More on that later.)

The tables full of donations we brought:



Everyone loves to get their photo taken…and they want to take photos of me even more. The problem is that if I let one do it…then I have 45 kids wanting to use my camera!



You can see the city of La Ceiba and the ocean beyond that from the back of the church and CNI.


There is so much more…but we have a busy day today and I have to shower. We’ll have the kids at the CNI from 9-2, then will walk through the village where they live.

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3 thoughts on “First Day at the CNI

  1. I am so proud of you and Chris. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience another culture and share your talents.

    Love ya

  2. Pam Swope on said:

    Wow! Brings back memories. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you guys.

  3. What a great thing you are doing. The pictures are awesome. Make sure to take lots to show us. Have a great time.

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